Monday, November 19, 2012


 Sisters are such a true blessing to any family.  I am fortunate enough to have three older sisters.  Each one with their own unique quality.  One who inspired me to follow my dreams and achieve my goals.  One who shares of herself so completely and shows passion and love for those less fortunate.  And one who shows wisdom beyond her years,  humor in everything and never sweats the small stuff. 

After my diagnosis, my oldest sister Kathy came to visit.  I was so worried of what she thought of me.  I viewed myself as a failure for not being able to carry a "typical" child.  I though she would look at me with pity but, of course I was wrong.  Kathy didn't treat me any differently than she always had.  I still wasn't feeling comfortable in my own skin though.  I asked Kathy what she had thought of the diagnosis.  She talked about how nothing phases her anymore and that no matter what, this child will be a blessing.  

Early on in my pregnancy I worried about the sister Lilly would have.  I felt that she would never be able to have the sisterly bond I share with my sisters.  I waited to tell Lilly that she was having a sister until I was 24 weeks.  I took her to my doctors appointment.  Lilly sat next to me on the table as the doctor used the ultrasound machine to view the baby.  Her eyes lit up with delight as she proudly told the doctor that the baby was her sister.  

When we got home, my mom asked how the appointment went and Lilly said: "It was awesome Mom Mom, the doctor put a magic wand on mommy's belly and I got to see my baby sister.  I saw her tummy, her feet and her face."  A week after, I would still catch her telling the story to her friends at school.  Since then I stopped thinking that Lilly wouldn't have a wonderful relationship with her sister.  Sure, it may be different than the relationship I have with my sisters but, it will be just as rich and beautiful.  

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